I'm Philipp Schreiber, developer.
This is my stack... (it's a foundation not a cage)

serverside scripting

My language of choice is PHP although I do miss the strong typing of Java, C# or C (it's coming to PHP 7!). The framework I have come to love is phalcon, which gives me just the right mixture of support and freedom. For smaller stuff I like to keep it framework-free and use my own scaffolding.

I have a lot of experience with TYPO3 for which I have written extensions ranging from survey or quiz software to push message delivery systems.

I don't believe in any fixations, so I'll never see myself as something like a TYPO3 or phalcon developer, I know symphony, have used zend as frameworks, for website jobs I did use wordpress, koken and what have you. For shops I used magento. The more experience, the easier to dive into new stuff.